Tomas Weiss – Zeitlos (Sleep Edition)

I’ll start with this one since it runs in my CD player at the moment. This is a CD that contains only one piece of about 58 min length. It is a long version of the title track „Zeitlos“ by Tomas Weiss, released as its „mother release“ on Weiss’s label It is a beatless, rather mellow piece, stretched from the original 13:33 version.

It lies somehow between drones and subdued, very emotional ambient. A prominent feature are the sounds, which sound almost like a softly plucked string instrument, but not quite, accompanied by rich bass drones. This makes it a very elusive listening, with  almost familiar sounds guiding you into realms of introspection, boarding on sleep.

While it – of course – has not the immediacy of the shorter version, it is a very lush and pleasant extension that develops a quality of its own.


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