Mick Chillage – Infinite Perspectives

An album that is called „Infinite Perspectives“ starts with a piece called „Requiem“… what shall I expect from this strangeness? Well, Mick Chillage is no foreigner to an avid listener of ambient music.

„Requiem“ starts the album with ethereal choirs and lush sounds and sets the pace. No rhythmns and intimacy is what we are about to expect. The following „Not a soul for miles“ introduces a haunting piano, while the „Shores“ next are a sequence of changing pads in the same key. Tentative sequences enter in „Those last moments“, but are drowned, only to return in „Observing the Triangulum“, the first of three pieces to overpass the 10 min mark and the first climax of the album.

A short silence opens „A moment’s peace“, combining the lonely piano and the pads to open the second half of the album as an interlude. „Sunday afternoon“ takes it easy but is somewhat ominous – but you will drift away anyway. The last one is „Humanity“. In contrat to may expectation (a Berlin school sequencer piece) it is a drone, humming in all registers and building up. It ends almost suddenly, but no, there is structure to it and the end is logical.

All in all, a very quiet release, more on the drone side than ambient or Berlin school. Very soothing and calming, a good thing with a glass of red wine before going to bed, 8/10 rating.


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